Filtering fleece on a 1m mesh

36.00  netto (44.28  brutto)

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Price for 1 m2.

Roll width: 2m x 1m
Filtration efficiency: 97%
Thickness: 25mm
Weight: 550 g/m2
Air flow: 900 m3/h
Initial pressure loss: 28 Pa
Final pressure loss: 450 Pa
Average filtration efficiency: 40% – 60% for 1.0 µm
Capture efficiency: 96%
Air Velocity: 0.25 m/s
Dust Retention: 310 g/m2
Max temp .: 80 ℃
Filtration class: M5
Fire resistance (DIN 53438-3): F1

Ceiling filters are used in industrial paint shops at the last stage of filtration in paint booths, where the paint particles are broken up and retained by synthetic fiber. Thanks to the technology of gradual increase in the frequency of the fibers and full impregnation with adhesive, dust particles are captured and retained, which results in high filter efficiency and extends the life of the machines.