White cardboard filter 100 cm

113.82  netto (140.00  brutto)

The price applies to a package of 10 m.


The white cardboard pleated filter is a filter made of two layers of pleated and perforated cardboard. Using the principle of inertial separation, it absorbs and retains paint particles in the space between the layered layers. A sewn-in restriction strip facilitates the proper unfolding of the filter. The self-supporting structure allows for 2.3 times greater collection of paint dust, compared to traditional non-woven filters. The white finish impregnates the filter and brightens the cabin interior.


  • 3-5 times longer life;
  • Made of 100% recycled paper;
  • 98% filtration efficiency for Standard and ECO paper filter elements;
  • 99% filtration efficiency with Super paper filter elements;
  • Fastened or glued construction of the insert ensures high durability and longer life;
  • White, glossy surface of the paper – improves brightness in the spray booth;
  • High throughput – extends service life – low pressure drop;
  • Increased surface area guarantees optimal efficiency;
  • Folding construction reduces storage and transportation costs;
  • Self-supporting high-class paper;
  • Reduction in process costs – lower energy consumption and lower filter replacement and disposal costs.

Disposable cardboard filters consist of two parts of durable, 100% recycled kraft paper, produced in compliance with the most restrictive technical standards. The folded structure of the insert is not only glued but also stapled during the production process to provide additional strength and stiffness.