Dustcab SIMPLE 2

8,536.59  netto (10,500.01  brutto)

Technical data:
Usable width: 2 000 mm
Total width: 2 920 mm
Usable height: 1 900 mm
Height of the dustcab body: 2 190 mm
Total height (with fan): 2 600 mm
Usable depth: 835 mm
Fan power: 1,5 kW
Capability: 8 500 m3/h

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ARIATECH dustcabs are suitable for suction of dirt and paint dust generated during spray painting. Suction and purification of polluted air takes place through the use of a two-stage filtration system. In the first stage, most of the contaminants are retained by the cardboard filter, then in the second stage, a filter fleece is used, the so-called “Paint – stop” that absorbs the finer debris. The advantages of this cabin are its small dimensions, high efficiency and easy of use.

The device is equipped with a highly efficient radial fan, cardboard and paint-stop filters, which ensures high and constant efficiency. The body is made of galvanized steel, bolted with bolts, which makes it strong and stable. The device has an easy-to-use control panel.

Made in Poland!