Painting watercab WATER 3

26,500.00  netto (32,595.00  brutto)

Technical data:
Usable width: 3 000 mm
Total width: 3 450 mm
Total height: 3 180 mm
Lighting: 2 x 58 Wt
Depth: 1 540 mm
Usable depth: 500 mm
Fan power: 2,2 kW
Pump power: 0,75 kW
Capability:  12 000 m3/h

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Watercabs are suitable for suction of pigments and vapors emitted by spray paints made of synthetic, organic solvents and water. The suction of these substances is done by the use of a water curtain, separation of water drops (through plastic trays) and air filtration with the “Paint-Stop” filter placed in drawers. These cabins are made of modular plates made of galvanized sheet metal. The Water wall is available in five versions, depending on the required fan motor power and efficiency.