Dust collector AT – KR 18

15,000.00  netto (18,450.00  brutto)

Technical data:
Installed power: 4 kW
Power supply: 230/400 V
CEE slot: 3 Phs + T
Noise: 80 dB
Bags: 18 pcs.
Bags size: fi 200 x H=2000 mm
Type of fabric: poliester 350 g/m2
Filtering surface: 22,6 m2
Vibrator power: 1×85 W
Extraction connector: fi 250 mm
Max capacity: 2 x 250 (500) l
Net weight: 560 kg
Dimensions: 2 590 x 806 x 4 270 mm

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The AT-KR filter is a dust collector with a bag filter and a built-in fan and a vibrating cleaning system.

Application: extraction and filtration of fine, medium or coarse dust / sawdust.
Operation: contaminated air is removed by a fan, passes through a filter cloth that separates the dust.
Dust collection: dust is collected in bags.
Construction: the filter is of solid construction, made of galvanized sheet. It consists of a top module with a fan and a dust bag.