Extraction bench ATM 2,5

10,450.00  netto (12,853.50  brutto)

Technical data:
Width [A]: 2000 mm
Depth [C]: 1134 mm
Overall height [B]: 1000 mm
Height to table top [D] 880 mm
Fan power: 1.5 kW
Filters: 2x 200 / 600mm
Nominal air flow: 4900 m3 / h

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Application: extraction and filtration of dust during grinding.
Operation: the air with dust is transported through the perforated plane and then filtered.
Dust Collection: dust is collected in sliding drawers.
Construction: the table is equipped with a high-efficiency centrifugal fan and a filter knuckle system using compressed air, which ensures high and constant performance. The body is made of galvanized steel with suction holes. The device has an easy-to-use control panel.
Filter: certified flame-retardant cartridge.