Dust collector 4 kW ATE 4-bags

8,500.00  netto (10,455.00  brutto)

Capacity: 4900 m3/h
Max compression: 1800 Pa
Fan motor: 4 kW / 2870 rpm / IP 55
Voltage: 400V
Diameter of the suction port: 1 x fi 250 – possible location from above or below
Filter bags: 18 pcs – fi 180, L 1300
Collecting bags: 4 pcs
Noise: 78 dB
On / off switch
Length: A = 3000 mm
Height: B = 2480 mm
Width: C = 720 mm


The ATE 4 collector is professionally built and designed to extract dust and other loose waste. These filters can be used in plants of the wood, mechanical, chemical, ceramic, textile, food processing, cement and foundry industries.

The ATE series is constructed entirely of galvanized steel sheet and bolted. The filter consists of a chamber with filter bags and a dust collecting part with replaceable bags.

Initial flow velocity: 34 m/s;
Application: extraction and filtration of fine, medium or coarse dust / sawdust;
Operation: contaminated air is removed by a fan, passes through a filter cloth, which separates the dust;
Dust Collection: dust is collected in bags;
Construction: the filter is of solid construction, made of galvanized sheet;
Consumables: cotton filter bags and collecting bags made of anti-static plastic.

The extraction has a manual and CE.